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What to see in Bari in 3 days

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You only have 3 days to visit Bari?
So look at how many places and monuments you could see

If your trip to Bari lasts three days you have so many interesting places to visit

Bari boasts a beautiful historic center and is full of things to see, which is why with three days available places to visit become so many and above all easy to reach; yes, because the main attractions of the city are located mainly in the heart of Bari and in its historical center , the famous Bari Vecchia (or if you prefer ancient village ).

But even outside the old city there are several suggestive places to see and enjoy during your experience in Bari.

Having said that let's discover together all the most beautiful places to see and visit even with only three days available.

First day in Bari:

The first day you could start with a pleasant walk between the seafront and the historic center of Bari , then passing from Piazza del Ferrarese and Piazze Mercantile up to the Basilica of San Nicola and the Norman Swabian Castle (on the other side of Bari old) . The route might seem long but in reality it won't take you long to cross the ancient village of Bari; having said that here are some places and monuments that you could visit on the first day:

L'itinerario del primo giorno

You might be interested in Bari

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Second day in Bari:

The second day could be an opportunity to deepen some characteristic aspects of the millenary history of Bari , as well as visit attractions such as the San Pietro archaeological area , Palazzo Simi, the Archaeological Museum or alternatively discover the evocative path of “Underground Bari” . In this regard this guided tour might interest you.

The itinerary of the second day

You might be interested in Bari

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Third day in Bari:

The third day is a good reason to move from the historic center of Bari and also visit other interesting attractions. Bari has a beautiful park, a city beach, an art gallery, a characteristic Russian church and the famous Petruzzelli theater. However, to visit some of these attractions the car rental, perhaps at cheap prices, could certainly facilitate your travels.

The itinerary of the third day

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