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On the coast of Polignano a Mare with boat tours, diving and paddle surfing

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Excursions in Polignano a Mare not to be missed: from boat rides with aperitif to paddle surfing!

Polignano a Mare boat tour

Do you want to discover one of the pearls of the Apulian coast ? Then get ready to experience Polignano a Mare from an unusual perspective.

In fact, an unforgettable adventure awaits you among the steep cliffs and enchanting caves of this fascinating location. Thanks to this boat tour , you will have the opportunity to admire up close some of the most iconic natural wonders of the area; among these, the Grotta delle Rondinelle , with its fascinating rock formations, the suggestive Grotta Azzurra , which enchants with its turquoise reflections, the Grotta Ardito , with its mysterious cavities and the famous Grotta Palazzese , a unique place accessible only by sea .

Not only that, depending on the weather conditions, a stop is planned in one of the coves for a refreshing dip in the clear waters of Polignano a Mare . And what's better than a toast to complete this experience? On board, guests can also enjoy a glass of local prosecco or a delicious aperitif , while admiring the surrounding panorama.

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Diving for beginners

Diving excursions in Poligno a mare Puglia

This diving activity in Polignano a Mare offers a unique opportunity to explore the seabed of the Adriatic. The experience begins with a meeting in Cala Paura, where participants are equipped with the necessary diving equipment. After a theoretical lesson on safety rules and use of the equipment, participants will dive accompanied by an expert instructor. During the dive, they will have the opportunity to observe marine flora and fauna , enjoying a feeling of tranquility and weightlessness. At the end of the activity, a tasty snack of canapés, fresh fruit and juices will be served. The experience ends after approximately three hours, with the return to the initial meeting point.

Paddle surfing in Polignano a Mare

Puddle surfing in Polignano a Mare

This paddle surf tour in Polignano a Mare offers a perfect opportunity to test your balance and enjoy the colors of the Mediterranean. The activity begins in Cala Paura , where participants will receive a brief explanation on the use of the equipment. After learning the basics, we will set off to discover the splendid coast of Polignano a Mare .

The route includes exploration of beaches, caves and cliffs , revealing the natural beauty of one of the most fascinating coastlines in the Mediterranean. During the tour, participants will be able to stop for a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters.

The experience, lasting an hour and a half, concludes with the return to the starting point, leaving participants with unforgettable memories of this unique adventure.

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