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Stay for FREE in Bari and Puglia in the "Barter Week"

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31 Ottobre 2020

Do you want to visit Bari and Puglia? Take advantage of the "Barter Week", free accommodation in exchange for goods or services.


B&B gratis settimana del baratto A wonderful news for those who, between November 16th and 22nd, decide to visit Bari, surroundings and Puglia.

In fact, thanks to the “Barter Week” , interested travelers can take advantage of free accommodation in B & Bs adhering to this interesting initiative.

In exchange it will be enough to propose goods or services to the structure at your disposal, such as already rdimage, cleaning, repair services or offer food products, valuables and anything else that can be considered as bargaining chips .

What needs to be done to be able to propose an exchange and stay for free in a B&B?
Just go to the site select the structure of your interest (obviously not before having chosen the location) and fill in the request form with the details of the barter.

However, the advice is to carefully read the information of the B & Bs , in fact some of these offer the opportunity to be able to trade even during the year and not only during the "Barter Week" , so watch out for this precious initiative.

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Car and scooter rental promotion