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Orecchiette with sauce

The ragù di braciole, the typical Sunday dish of Bari, with orecchiette!


Orecchiette baresi piatti tipici pugliesi

The orecchiette al ragù are among the typical dishes of Bari and above all of the Bari Sunday; on Sunday the smell of the ragù starts as early as 8:00 in the morning when the women are already at the stove to prepare the chops to be dipped in the sauce.

The ragù prepared in Bari is in fact a chop-flavored sauce; the chop is a meat roll (which can be as big as the palm of a hand) filled with seasoning, specifically with garlic, bacon, pecorino cheese, parsley and a pinch of pepper.

What distinguishes this type of ragù is the combination with orecchiette , the fresh Bari pasta that adds value to the dish.

In Bari there are many restaurants and trattorias , especially in the old town , which will make you savor the ancient taste of Bari; it is no coincidence that this dish is one of the typical ones not to be missed.

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