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Month: November 2021

6 things to do to experience the Christmas atmosphere in Puglia

Places and traditions not to be missed to experience an authentic Apulian Christmas atmosphere! Who said that to best experience the Christmas atmosphere you have to go to Lapland? Of course, how can you not want a place like this when the Christmas period arrives... but don't worry because if the desire to live a unique and evocative Christmas experience [...] Find out more

6 December: Saint Nicholas Day and tradition

The dawn of Saint Nicholas, between celebration and tradition. Discover the party in the alleys of old Bari! Every year, exactly every 6 December, there is a fixed appointment with traditions and celebrations for what is commonly called "St. Nicholas' day". On 6 December, in fact, the Basilica of San Nicola and Bari […] Find out more

Story of a respectable family: discover 7 Apulian locations of the

Here is where some scenes of "Story of a respectable family" were filmed, the Canale 5 drama. After "Life in front of oneself" broadcast on Netflix and filmed with the splendid Sophia Loren, "The investigations of Lolita Lobosco" and recently " Until the last beat”, all films and dramas shot in and around Bari, here […] Find out more

A sweet weekend is coming to Bari, the Festa del

09 November 2021 The chocolate festival returns to Bari, with artisanal sculptures and sweet tastings! This year too, to the delight of those with a sweet tooth, "National Chocolate Festivals" stops in Bari again! From 19 to 21 November, in fact, the chocolate masters will delight citizens and tourists with their wonderful chocolate sculptures […] Find out more

The climate in Bari

What is the best time to visit Bari and Puglia? When we decide to take a trip or a weekend there is always a doubt that assails us: but what is the weather there? what should I bring? will it be hot or cold? Fortunately, Bari, and Puglia in general, boast a Mediterranean climate which facilitates […] Find out more

Itria Valley

Discovering the Itria Valley! Among Trulli, olive trees and fascinating villages not to be missed. Without beating around the bush, let's start by saying that the Itria Valley is one of those central areas of Puglia that absolutely cannot be missed if you want to savor its essence. If the Apulian coast fascinates you, this other territory appeals to you […] Find out more

Murgia Bari

Discovering the Murgia of Bari! To immerse yourself in nature and the ravines of Puglia If the Apulian coast has fascinated you with its beaches, cliffs and seaside villages, now it's time to discover the inland area. The Murgia is a wonderful part of Puglia as much as the one bordered by the Adriatic; it is an area particularly […] Find out more

North of Bari

Discovering the north of Bari! Some places not to be missed along the Apulian coast. If the southernmost coast of Puglia has thrilled you with its white villages, crystal clear sea and suggestive beaches, then you will undoubtedly also be fascinated by the area further north of Bari. This is because Puglia, thanks to its historical and natural wonders, […] Find out more

South of Bari

Discovering the south of Bari! Some of the many beautiful and evocative places to visit in the southern area. Let's start immediately from a premise, Puglia (all of it) is a wonderful territory for villages, sea, climate, food and hospitality of the people. But there are areas of this splendid region, in this case the south of Bari, which absolutely deserve your [ …] Find out more