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What to do in Bari


In Bari it is difficult to get bored. Here are some ideas on what to do to entertain yourself in the city

Not just history, places and monuments . Here are some ideas and suggestions on things you can do during your trip to Bari to fully experience the most evocative places, streets and areas of this city.

Bari of spaces for free time or simply for entertaining . Here are some suggestions that will allow you to discover the other face of Bari , the young and lively one!

5 things to do in Bari

What to do in Bari? Here are 5 unusual ideas for discovering the most evocative corners of the city. Bari is full of places to see but also things to do. Here are five

Having fun in Bari

Free time in Bari

How to have fun in Bari? Here are some unusual ideas that you will like Bari is full of historical places and monuments to visit, however there are also several things you can do

Nightlife Bari

Nightlife in Bari

There's no shortage of nightlife in Bari: find out what to do in the evening in the capital of Puglia and live your Bari experience. Bari is not only rich in history and monuments,

Shopping in Bari

Shopping in Bari

Want to shop? here are the most popular streets of Bari for shopping. If the desire to go shopping overwhelms you, in Bari there is food for your

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