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Historic theaters of Bari

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Discovering Italian-style theatres: here are 4 historic theaters in Bari that you absolutely must see.

They shine in the heart of Bari and are one more beautiful than the other, these are the theaters that have made the history of this city, of Puglia and also of Italy since one of those listed is the fourth largest theater in Italy after those of Milan, Palermo and Venice .

We are obviously talking about the historic Petruzzelli Theatre , 1,482 seats and a lot of beauty to offer to all those who are about to see a show in this wonderful location.

However, there are other very suggestive theaters that absolutely deserve to be taken into consideration during a visit to Bari ; for example, the “Piccinni” municipal theater is another flagship, a 19th century theater, as well as the oldest in the city. But let's not waste any more time, let's immediately find out which theaters are absolutely worth seeing .

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