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Breaths of history in Gravina in Puglia

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The evocative walk through history: Gravina in Puglia, all to see and discover


Gravina in Puglia near Bari

Gravina in Puglia is a charming town that rises, precisely, on the ridges of a "gravina" and a bit like Matera (very similar in characteristics, this town is also undoubtedly among the most characteristic places to visit a few kilometers from Bari .

The historical heritage of Gravina in Puglia is not only on the surface, but its beauty extends even underground; in fact, there is an "Underground Gravina" which allows the most curious tourists to discover the underground areas of the ancient Gravina, with places that are absolutely suggestive and unique.

Recovered and enhanced by the association of the same name "Gravina Sotterranea" , these excavations can be visited through excursions (lasting approximately 1 and a half hours) promoted by the association itself.

Visit Gravina in Puglia

During the route you will find various accesses to caves, tunnels, granaries and even churches that will make you relive the atmosphere and habits of the ancient Gravina ; it is therefore a journey back in time that you absolutely cannot miss if you decide to discover the surroundings of Bari.

For more information and reservations on “Gravina sotterranea” it is advisable to visit this site


Where is Gravina in Puglia

Km from Bari
Minutes by car

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