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Monopoli: the unmissable location between beaches, sea and nightlife


See Monopoli in Puglia

Around Bari , the capital of Puglia Monopoli undoubtedly stands out among these .

Monopoli is located further south , precisely after Polignano a Mare , and is also a beautiful town overlooking the Adriatic Sea .

Monopoli , like many other municipalities in the surroundings of Bari , has a characteristic and very popular historic center which for several years has become one of the favorite destinations for travellers , especially foreigners.

See Monopoli beaches in PugliaThe oldest area of ​​the town stands out for its white houses, numerous and evocative alleys, churches, period buildings and a castle, which recall the historical path of Monopoli and its traditions.

Speaking of traditions, it is advisable to visit the ancient port of the city, one of the oldest ports on the Apulian coast ; active for centuries, it continues to remain a symbolic place and expression of a community made up of sailors and traders.

The old port , located in the historic center, is accessed by passing through a characteristic arch that will take you to discover a small and historic wonder full, even today, of many small boats belonging to local fishermen.

Monopoli is also famous for its beaches and coves ; in fact, in the area there are several points where you can dedicate yourself to a day at the beach thanks to the different access points and the many beaches present, some of which are also very characteristic both for their position and for the services offered.

If you want to know what you can do in the evening , Monopoli really has everything you need. Both in the historic center and in the surrounding areas this town boasts a considerable number of places; from the pub, to the lounge bar, from the pizzeria to the restaurant up to places with good music for the nightlife .

So Monopoli is one of those places that is undoubtedly interesting both from a historical and entertainment point of view. from Bari , but even in this case, if there is no possibility of being independent, you could use public services.


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