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The white city: Ostuni

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The window overlooking the sea and the Itria Valley: the enchanting white city


Visit and see Ostuni, the white city

Ostuni is that place that you cannot help but notice while traveling along the SS16 towards Brindisi.

Called " the white city " by virtue of its row of white buildings visible even in the distance, Ostuni is a place with an ancient medieval village waiting to be discovered and experienced.

Surrounded by greenery, among olive groves and vineyards typical of the Itria Valley and more than 200 meters above sea level, this city boasts a historic center where time seems to have stopped.

Visit and see Ostuni, the white city, walking through the streets of Ostuni you will notice the various small squares and alleys, full of artisan shops and small restaurants, which will make your experience in the white city even more evocative.

Also worth mentioning is the ancient city wall that surrounds Ostuni and which you must pass through to access the town.

Once you arrive in Ostuni, know that there are areas where it is possible to admire the surrounding landscape from above, including the Adriatic Sea; what can I say, simply a breathtaking experience.

The ideal time to go and visit it? it doesn't exist 😉 or rather, undoubtedly the warmer periods are ideal, but don't rule out visiting it in autumn and winter too, because Ostuni is always beautiful, especially at sunset when the city lights up.

Ostuni is therefore a postcard of your experience in Puglia to be jealously preserved.

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An evocative tour in the medieval village of Ostuni aboard the fantastic Tuk Tuk . A unique, cultural and exciting experience in the white city of the Itria Valley .

Some photos of the white city

Ostuni Puglia white city
Ostuni Puglia white city
Ostuni Puglia white city
Ostuni Puglia white city
Ostuni Puglia white city
Ostuni Puglia white city
Ostuni Puglia white city

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Ostuni, Martina Franca and Alberobello are three gems of the Itria Valley in Puglia . A minivan will take you to each of these villages.

Where is Ostuni located?

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