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Nightlife in Bari

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An emotional guide to Bari!

Clubs, aperitifs and music:
some ideas for fun and entertainment in Bari

Not just history , architecture and culture , in Bari there is also space for healthy fun, both in the streets of the center and on the outskirts of the Apulian capital .

Bari boasts an incredible amount of places to eat, drink and have fun in company in a healthy and pleasant way, an aspect of this city that always pleases travelers and tourists, families and young people.

The places to entertain yourself in Bari are varied and scattered around the city: from the lounge bar to the characteristic pub , from the pizzeria to the grill , up to the seaside clubs with music .

What you will find listed are just some ideas on things to do and areas to visit to fully experience the nightlife in the city.

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