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Itria Valley

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Discovering the Itria Valley!
Among Trulli, olive trees and fascinating villages not to be missed.

Without beating around the bush, let's start by saying that the Itria Valley is one of those central areas of Puglia that absolutely cannot be missed if you want to savor its essence.

If the Apulian coast fascinates you, this other territory will enter your heart. Also known as the Murgia dei Trulli by virtue of the dense presence of these monuments, the Itria Valley is an area of ​​Puglia whose geographical position allows it to embrace not only the province of Bari but also that of Brindisi and Taranto, reaching even the border of Salento.

What to see in Valle d'Itria ? Here there is an almost fairy-tale world, all to be discovered and experienced among nature, wonderful villages , tradition and many typical local products that will make your experience in the Itria Valley simply unique, just as this place is unique in the world.
Don't waste any more time, find out immediately which places to see , remembering that all this can be reached in a short time from the capital of Puglia !

Here are the places not to be missed.

Unmissable tours to explore the Itria Valley

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