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40 photos X 40 places to see.
An emotional guide to Bari!



With PCs, smartphones and tablets, the first tool consulted to search for information is the internet. Not being present online is equivalent to not existing.


A company must do marketing to stand out among its competitors.
A territory must do destination marketing to promote itself.


To define itself as such, a tourism brand must be communicative, findable and recognisable. thus it becomes a valuable brand.


In the digital age, deseasonalizing the Terra di Bari means promoting it 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.


We need to intercept the needs of the tourist in the right place at the right time.
The right time can be now, the right place can be anywhere.


What seems obvious to us for the tourist is a discovery.
Nothing must be left to chance, everything can be enhanced.


Terra di Bari to tourists well in advance means increasing their curiosity and encouraging word of mouth.


Describing a territory is different from telling it. wants to tell the story of the Terra di Bari .

Do you see yourself again with the poster?
Then we speak the same language.

Bariexperience Manifesto

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