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The mysterious Castel del Monte

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The isolated castle on the hill: the mysterious Castel del Monte

Among the many attractions to see in Puglia there is certainly also a wonderful medieval building founded by Federico || of Swabia, i.e. Castel del Monte.

This castle , located on a hill (540 meters above sea level) in the Andria , is one of the main symbols of the Apulian territory, which over time has also become a source of national pride given the choice to insert, in 1998, the outline of Castel del Monte on the 1 euro cent coin.

Its unusual and fascinating architecture (octagonal plan) and its location on high ground have over time opened various debates on the purpose of the castle itself which, to date, seems to still be the subject of various studies and research.

The structural characteristics of Castel del Monte have also attracted the attention of UNESCO which has taken steps to include this historical building in the list of World Heritage Sites, thus fueling the interest of many curious people and tourists who every year decide to visit the castle in the Apulian region.

This exceptional monument and its location will allow you not only to discover a fascinating place , but also to enjoy a breathtaking view given the elevated position. All these, and more, are some of the good reasons not to give up on living an experience in Puglia.

If you are curious, I invite you to learn more about the history of Castel del Monte , the opening hours and the entrance fees to visit it.


Where is Castel del Monte

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