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An Apulian terracotta necklace inspired by the story of Lolita

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Your Apulian ceramic souvenir. In the heart of Bari there is the jewel inspired by Lolita


Apulian Lolita ceramic necklaceWhether you are Italian or foreign makes no difference, because the jewel you are about to discover on this page will capture your attention even without knowing its history.

Yes, because this jewel is inspired by a story, that of a woman, precisely of a female commissioner; an imaginary character who, also thanks to his success on TV, has inspired several women with his charm, so much so that he has become a real concept. Lolita , in fact, is a woman who wears this precious jewel and who certainly does not go unnoticed during her walks between Bari, Monopoli, San Vito and Conversano .

Bari Puglia souvenir Lolita necklaceThe deputy commissioner Lolita , among other things, has also quickly transformed into an icon of the fight against prejudices, those prejudices often faced by women in important positions but in generally male environments. Now this necklace , reproduced in Puglia with lips in Apulian ceramic , has become the object of desire for many women who, for various reasons, see themselves in her feminine character. However, regardless of her story, any woman can be fascinated by the necklace , if only because it is handmade in typical Apulian ceramic , one more reason to get it as a souvenir of your experience in the Terra di Bari .

Where can I find the "Lolita" inspired necklace?

Necklace inspired by Lolita Bari PugliaThe necklace inspired by Lolita , made of enamelled ceramic and silver, can be found at Aquilino Gioielli , a historic Bari jewelery shop present for many years in the famous Via Sparano.
Thanks to the prestigious position of Aquilino Gioielli you will have the opportunity to see this amulet up close, wear it and (why not) purchase it as your precious souvenir from the capital of beautiful Puglia .

Where is Aquilino Gioielli located?

As already mentioned, Aquilino Gioielli is located in Via Sparano , in the famous shopping street of Bari, a stone's throw from the main attractions of the city and the splendid old Bari .

Contact Aquilino Gioielli Bari

TEL: +39 080 521 1988
FACEBOOK: AquilinoGioielliBari
INSTAGRAM: AquilinoGioielliBari

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