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What to do in Bari Vecchia

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An emotional guide to Bari!

Ideas and advice on what to do when you are in the suggestive Bari Vecchia

When you arrive at the gates of Bari Vecchia you are practically at the entrance to the thousand-year history of this city.

For this reason BariExperience suggests what could be good ideas to enjoy this unique and evocative experience in the Apulian capital .

The squares , the streets , the characteristic alleys , the scents, the friendliness and joy of the people of the oldest village in Bari . These are just some of the things that will remain imprinted in your mind during your trip to the heart of Bari Vecchia , the rest will be the result of your personal experience.

Having said this, here are some of the things you can do when you are in the oldest area of ​​this splendid city in Southern Italy .

Discover Bari Vecchia in 2 hours

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