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There's no shortage of nightlife in Bari: find out what to do in the evening in the capital of Puglia and live your Bari experience.

Bari is not only rich in history and monuments, there is also space for nightlife .
There are various areas of the city where it is possible to eat , drink , enjoy an aperitif or listen to some music with a drink, especially by the sea.
From a walk through the streets of Bari Vecchia to an aperitif by the sea , from a beer in the Porto Vecchio to the clubs in the Poggiofranco district ; Bari is a city in constant movement that will not let you lack places and places to meet and entertain yourself in the evening .

Here are some suggestions for nightlife in the Apulian capital, where spending time in company and cheerfully during a holiday in Bari is undoubtedly among the pleasant things to do during your Bari experience .

The night in Bari is long.
If you want to enjoy it, you could rent a car!

If you want to enjoy the clubs and nightlife of Bari then renting a car could certainly be the best solution.

The people of Bari love to move from one club to another and from one area of ​​Bari weekend , just to stay entertained until late at night with chats, drinks and laughter.

If you want to try to feel like you're from Bari for an evening, you could think about renting a car and going for a walk among the various and numerous clubs in the city that are open until late.

What to do in the evening in Bari nightlife

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