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4 reasons to explore Bari on two wheels. There's even a tour!

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Here are 4 good reasons to visit Bari by bike. Let yourself be transported by Velo Service bicycles!


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Bari , the capital of Puglia overlooking the Adriatic, is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Puglia .

There is so much to see in the city and thanks to a particularly flat area, with a historic center with limited traffic (and distances of the main attractions very close to each other) going around on a bicycle can only make this experience in Bari unique. only pleasant but above all functional for the purposes.

Cycling around Bari , it is possible to immerse yourself in the daily life of the city, meet the local people and discover hidden corners. And this is just the beginning: there are many other reasons why you should visit Bari by bike , let's see them together below!


1) Cycling tourism as a sustainable and responsible choice

Sustainable tourism Bari bike tour

Compared to other forms of transport, such as the car or public transport, the bicycle does not produce harmful emissions for the environment.

In fact, with a bicycle to visit Bari by moving in a responsible and sustainable way, contributing to a form of tourism that is more respectful of the planet.

2) The ideal way to explore the city without getting tired

Bike rental bike tour Bari

Exploring Bari by bicycle is the ideal solution for visiting the city without getting excessively tired, especially during hot days. Walking on foot can be exhausting, especially under the scorching sun, but with a bicycle it is possible to cover greater distances with less effort. Thanks to the assisted pedaling (like that of the models used by Velo Service ) , the movement is fluid and fast, allowing you to save energy.

3) Freedom of movement without parking problems

Guided bike tour Bari sustainable tourism

The bicycle allows you to explore the city, especially the historic center and Bari Vecchia with ease, without having to deal with traffic or parking problems. In this way, you can visit all the most important attractions, such as the Basilica of San Nicola , the Cathedral of San Sabino , the traditional markets and the characteristic alleys.

4) Cycle paths and pedestrian areas take you everywhere

Getting around Bari by bike on cycle paths

Thanks to the numerous cycle paths and pedestrian areas, cycling in Bari is safe and thus allows you to discover the city in an ecological and stress-free way. Riding the bike you can easily reach the main tourist attractions, such as the Norman-Swabian Castle , but also explore the lesser-known areas of the city, discovering hidden and secret corners.

Choose a guided tour with Velo Service for an unforgettable experience!

Do you want to live a unique experience in Bari? Book a guided bike tour now with Velo Service and discover the hidden treasures of the city in a safe and fun way!
Thanks to our expert guides and the bicycles provided , you will be able to explore Bari without worries, letting yourself be enchanted by the beauty of this city.

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