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How to book a ferry to Bari? Here are some tips for finding the best rate.

If you are thinking of booking a ferry to Bari , you will most likely be interested in finding a ticket at the best price. Luckily, as with flights and car rentals, there is also the possibility of comparing the prices of different companies for ferries and discovering the best offer for your needs.
In light of what you have just read, the advice is to visit some portals that deal with this aspect. As soon as you have some time, therefore, take a look at sites like or , where you will have the opportunity to evaluate the prices of the different companies that offer ferries to Bari .

Reach Bari by ferry.
What are the advantages if you come with a vehicle?

Ferries Durres Venice Trieste BariThere are several reasons that may push you to choose the ferry to reach Bari , however the choice is not that bad, especially if you leave from Durres , Dubrovnik and Bar and also decide to embark a vehicle such as a car, a camper or a motorcycle. Let's immediately explain why.

Bari , in addition to being a beautiful seaside city , full of attractions and things to do, also has great fortune, namely that of having a fantastic province that is highly sought after from all over the world.

Polignano a Mare , Alberobello , Grotte di Castellana (just to name a few) are part of that range of places not to be missed during your trip to Bari .

Although these towns can be easily reached via the connections offered by public transport, traveling around Bari with your own car is still the best choice, partly to avoid being tied down by transport timetables, partly also to be able to save money on use of taxis , buses etc....

Therefore, having greater autonomy to be able to visit Bari and its surroundings can only encourage you to experience this splendid area more deeply and enrich your experience in Puglia .

Where is the Port of Bari located?

The Port of Bari , a point of reference for cruise ships and ferries , is located right at the gates of the ancient village of the city, Bari Vecchia .

Useful information and advice

The port of Bari is practically in front of old Bari . If you arrive from a cruise ship you will be a stone's throw from the historic center; for this reason it could be very useful for you to find out what to see in Bari in 3 hours

renting a car in Bari well in advance Various online services allow you to find the car you like at the most convenient rate for your personal needs. Try writing "compare car rental prices" and choose one of the services listed to find the car that best suits your needs, at the best price.

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