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Orecchiette with turnip tops


Orecchiette with turnip greens, the maximum expression of the Apulian table


It is one of the most famous first courses of Bari and Puglia , not only for its flavor but also because it unmistakably reflects Apulian cuisine thanks to a vegetable, such as turnip top, a typical product of southern Italy .

If you add to this some fresh pasta such as the Bari Orecchiette and the inevitable extra virgin olive oil, this dish becomes a true symbol of Apulian home cooking .

When you go around the streets of Bari looking for a restaurant, also remember to ask for a "little taste" of orecchiette with turnip greens .

In Bari there are many restaurants and trattorias , especially in old Bari , which will allow you to savor the ancient taste of the exquisite Bari orecchiette; it is no coincidence that this dish is one of the typical not to be missed.

Orecchiette from Bari to eat in Puglia
Orecchiette from Bari to eat in Puglia
Orecchiette from Bari to eat in Puglia

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