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The charm of Locorotondo

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Locorotondo, the ancient Apulian white village immersed in the splendid Itria Valley


Locorotondo Valle d'Itria Puglia

You should know that in the surroundings of Bari there is a village (among the many beautiful villages in the province of Bari) that is very fascinating and evocative .

It is called Locorotondo , a town with a circular shape (hence the origins of its name round place) whose position dominates the entire Valle d'Itria , another characteristic area of ​​the Apulian territory Alberobello and Ostuni also originate .

Locorotondo is that typical southern , not surprisingly counted among the most beautiful villages in Italy , whose atmosphere rich in history and tradition retains its authenticity over time, offering tourists a one-of-a-kind experience.

Among the main architectural features of the splendid Apulian village , the houses undoubtedly stand out, most of them strictly with sloping roofs, renamed "cummerse" and which further emphasize the originality of Locorotondo .

Another characterizing aspect of Locorotondo is its circular plan which circumscribes the historic center and its labyrinth full of narrow streets, arches, trattorias (where you can taste typical dishes and products with an Apulian flavour ) and, above all, the Town Hall . From this place, now used as a Civic Library , it is possible to enjoy a panoramic view of the Itria Valley and the neighboring towns thanks to an interesting panoramic terrace .

Visit Locorotondo Puglia ItalyIn short, it is really difficult to give up the beauty of a town like Locorotondo , and if between architecture, history and nature the ancient village offers emotions in the sunlight, it is easy to imagine the splendor that shines through in the light of the lanterns ; Locorotondo in the evening is a sight to be enjoyed, especially during the Christmas period when decorations and Christmas decorations invade the streets of the historic center , capturing the attention of even those who live in the immediate vicinity.

Locorotondo is a little far from Bari , but not so far as to exclude it from your Apulian stops (we're talking about an hour by car), after all such a jewel absolutely deserves some of your precious time.
Don't worry, you won't regret it!

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Where is Locorotondo located?

Km from Bari
Minutes by car

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