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How many and what are the neighborhoods of Bari?
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Bari is the capital of Puglia , a region in southern Italy, made up of 22 neighborhoods and approximately 324 thousand inhabitants .
Obviously it is not possible to describe all the neighborhoods of Bari , but the aim of the blog is to certainly help you to know and recognize those with the main attractions of the city.

Walking around the most beautiful and characteristic neighborhoods of Bari you will have the opportunity to look at unusual places, explore habits, trends, but above all to experience first-hand the joy and hospitality of the people of Bari .

Because Bari is basically a "colourful" city, rich in nuances, scents, customs and indeed also rich in different neighbourhoods , all to be explored and experienced to the full.

Here is a list of the neighborhoods that you will surely visit during your experience in Bari . Discover the relevant attractions of the city and take notes 😉

San Nicola neighborhood

The San Nicola neighborhood is the oldest neighborhood in Bari and corresponds to the famous Bari Vecchia , a place that preserves most of Bari's historical and symbolic monuments above all we remember the Basilica of San Nicola and the Norman-Swabian Castle . It is located on the peninsula of the city, exactly a stone's throw from the Port of Bari and is bordered by the famous Wall .

What to see and do in the neighborhood

Murat neighborhood

The Murat district is basically another historic district of Bari as it is the first area built immediately after the medieval one, exactly near the ancient village. In fact, the first building built outside the walls of Bari Vecchia dates back to the early 19th century. The Petruzzelli Theatre , the Margherita Theatre, Via Sparano etc. are some of the things you can visit.

What to see and do in the neighborhood

Carrassi district

The Carrassi district, among the busiest in the city thanks to the numerous commercial activities present in the area, is located on the outskirts of the center of Bari and is well served by public transport (like most of the city's neighborhoods). The neighborhood is crossed by some of the main road arteries and between one street and another there are attractions to visit here too such as the Russian Orthodox Church and the 2 Giugno Park.

What to see and do in Carrassi

Marconi neighborhood

The Marconi district , also known as San Cataldo , is characterized by a peninsula created specifically to support the activities of the port. In fact, in this neighborhood stands the Bari Lighthouse , one of the most famous lighthouses in Italy with a height of approximately 66 metres; this place is very suggestive not only for the presence of the historic lighthouse (active since 1869), but above all for being a real window on the sea and on the entrance of the imposing ships to the port of Bari.

What to see and do in the neighborhood

Japigia neighborhood

The Japigia neighborhood was founded in the 1940s and is a neighborhood with a high residential density. Hosting some of the main arteries that facilitate connections with the center of Bari and its seafront , Japigia is obviously among the busiest areas of the city. Despite its position, more decentralized than other neighborhoods, here too there is a place that is absolutely worth seeing: it is the Shrine of the Fallen Overseas .

What you might see in the area

Poggiofranco district

The Poggiofranco district is among the most modern in the city as its development occurred in conjunction with the development of the peripheral area of ​​Bari . In fact, the neighborhood is renowned for its modern buildings (both homes and offices) and for commercial activities. Thanks to the numerous venues in the area such as restaurants , bars , pubs and pizzerias , Poggiofranco also boasts a considerable nightlife

What to do in Poggiofranco

Torre a Mare

See visit Bari and surroundingsTorre a Mare is a lovely area of ​​Bari which is now part of the city's neighbourhoods.
Taken by storm by young people, especially in hot periods, this area is very suitable for anyone who wants to spend time in front of a pretty marina in the company of a drink or a coffee. For families, however, there is a beautiful square built around a sixteenth-century tower, symbol of the Torre a Mare district . It is 10 minutes away along the Bari ring road towards the south.

Holy spirit

Santo Spirito Bari Puglia seaSanto Spirito is another neighborhood in the northern area of ​​Bari that has not only a lovely marina but also its own seafront , not only by people from Bari but also by tourists. A bit like Torre a Mare, Santo Spirito also enjoys clubs and a fashionable atmosphere thanks to the numerous commercial activities present right on the coast , allowing anyone to enjoy the scent of the sea perhaps in front of a typical Apulian dish .

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