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Reach the tourist information and reception point.
It is in Piazza del Ferrarese, on the outskirts of old Bari


Tourist infopoint in old Bari

Bari is a wonderful city, full of attractions and a thousand-year history that has always attracted tourists from all over the world.

To help visitors discover the best that the city has to offer there is the tourist information point in Piazza del Ferrarese . This information point is undoubtedly the ideal place for all those who need to be directed to learn more about the city and the attractions not to be missed.

Bari's Infopoints are scattered in different areas of the city, such as the Bari Centrale station, the Port and the Airport, but what certainly does not go unnoticed is the infopoint located in the heart of the city, a stone's throw from old Bari and the seafront and easily accessible, both on foot and by public transport made available by the municipality. Here visitors can find all the information they need, including maps, tourist guides, advice, souvenirs of Bari , but above all a lot of friendliness and friendliness that distinguishes the operators who work within the Bari Infopoint .

What tips for seeing Bari?

Infopoint Bari Piazza del Ferrarese

But what are the main attractions to visit in Bari? Certainly the historic center, characterized by its alleys and ancient buildings, is certainly one of the most characteristic places and absolutely not to be missed. Here it is also possible to admire the Basilica of San Nicola , which houses the remains of the city's patron saint, as well as the Cathedral of San Sabino , an example of Romanesque architecture. Also noteworthy is Bari Sotterranea and the Norman-Swabian Castle, another unmistakable symbol of the capital and of the Apulian architectural and historical style.

But Bari is also famous for its beaches, such as Pane e Pomodoro , and for its cuisine, with typical dishes such as orecchiette, focaccia , fried panzerotti and fresh fish . There are historic theatres, the Petruzzelli Theater above all, and there is also no lack of space for nightlife , shopping and nightlife , with a Via Sparano full of shop windows of the big names, and a myriad of places to entertain and scattered throughout the city. city.

Infopoint Bari PugliaTherefore, whatever your interest, the tourist information point in Piazza del Ferrarese will undoubtedly be able to answer your questions and satisfy every single need, regardless of whether you are a couple, a large family or a group of young people full of energy. , thanks to the services offered by the Bari Infopoint , it is possible to better plan your itinerary and book some tours and experiential activities that will undoubtedly enrich your stay in the city.

Ready to explore Bari? They are ready to welcome you, with a smile and professionalism, and if you need some information and clarification well in advance, below you will find some useful references.

Gadgets and souvenirs BariExperience

Souvenir gadgets Bari Puglia InfopointIn addition to the services offered, the infopoint in Piazza del Ferrarese , which we remember is a stone's throw from the historic center of Bari , can also be an excellent reference point for finding some souvenirs, including the BariExperience gadgets . Backpack bags, hats, t-shirts and key rings to always carry with you an authentic memory of your experience in the splendid Terra di bari .

Infopoint Bari contacts

For any information and to get in touch with the Bari infopoint in Piazza del Ferrarese, here are some contacts and reference addresses:

ADDRESS: Piazza del Ferrarese 29, 70122 Bari
TEL: +39 0805242244
FACEBOOK: InfopointTuristicoBari
INSTAGRAM: infopoint.turistico.bari

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