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Among the most famous castles in Italy: a visit to the Swabian castle, on the outskirts of Bari Vecchia


Norman Swabian Castle Bari

Bari has its castle , and this too is among the historical symbols of the city. Built in the 13th century, the Swabian castle is one of the most important and characteristic buildings in Bari , as well as being one of the most significant Romanesque style monuments in Italy .

The Swabian castle has a rather troubled history as it has been subject to various reconstructions, changes of ownership and intended use: born at the behest of the Norman King Roger II , then destroyed by King William the Evil, and then subsequently passed to the attention of Frederick II of Swabia who rebuilt and fortified it.

But the story continues, in fact in the second half of the 13th century the Swabian castle underwent a further restoration aimed at strengthening the North wing (which at the time ran alongside the sea )

See Norman Swabian Castle Bariuntil the last and decisive intervention arrived 17th century Swabian castle , making it what it is now.

This is the structural intervention carried out by Isabella D'Aragona and her daughter Bona Sforza who, with a development plan oriented towards heavy artillery, involves the construction of a wall around the castle characterized by a moat .

In the following centuries the Norman-Swabian castle changed its purpose several times, becoming first a prison, then a barracks and towards the 1940s the headquarters of the Superintendency of Monuments and Galleries of Puglia and Basilicata.

Now that the castle of Bari is open to the public, many of its spaces are dedicated to exhibitions, conferences and cultural events.
Once you arrive in Bari you cannot miss visiting the Swabian castle , after all it is located exactly at the gates of the ancient village of Bari (or Bari Vecchia if you prefer); furthermore, if you are lucky you might find yourself visiting the building during an exhibition of your interest and therefore decide to participate.

For information on timetables and tickets to visit the castle of Bari it is advisable to go to this link

Norman Swabian castle in Bari Puglia
Walls of the Swabian Castle of Bari, Puglia
Norman Swabian castle of Bari in the evening
Norman Swabian castle of Bari illuminated

Where is the Swabian castle located?

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