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40 photos X 40 places to see.
An emotional guide to Bari!

Immerse yourself in unique and engaging experiences, here are some ideas for experiencing Bari, Puglia and the surrounding areas.

As already said several times in other sections of BariExperience , Bari is not only a city to see but also a place to live !

In addition to seeing historical places and monuments that characterize this splendid city in the South of Italy , it is also useful to know all those aspects that identify Bari even better, as well as the habits and tendencies of the people of Bari and Puglia more generally.

Translated, it means trying to suggest some unusual ideas to help you discover the most beautiful and evocative corners of the Puglia capital , as well as some characteristic places where you can taste, for example, the best Bari recipes or places where you can experience moments of relaxation or pure fun .

What you will find on this page is just a way to make you experience and see Bari in all its facets, exactly the same ones that the people of Bari in their beloved city, because the people of Bari, in addition to loving their origins, also love to honor them through places, habits and traditions . Not only that, you will also find exciting experiences to do in the surrounding area , the strong and even more exciting point of this fantastic area.

In short, whether it is morning , afternoon or evening it makes no difference, Bari and Puglia have so much to offer and you will soon realize it.

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