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Discovering the north of Bari!
Some places not to be missed along the Apulian coast.

If the southernmost coast of Puglia has thrilled you with its white villages , crystal clear sea and suggestive beaches , then you will undoubtedly also be fascinated by the area further north of Bari .

This is because Puglia , thanks to its historical and natural wonders, manages to satisfy different expectations and curiosities in any direction you go, from north to south, both sea side and land side.
As regards the north of Bari , this is essentially characterized by magnificent medieval and Renaissance-style villages , with small towns within towns and Romanesque style cathedrals so beautiful that they take your breath away.

But there is also no shortage of archaeological museums , sea , beaches and many typical Apulian dishes , all among evocative places and locations for nightlife . In short, you will also like the north of Bari, so don't waste any more time, discover some of the many beautiful places to visit in this area and in the province of BAT .

Here are the places not to be missed.

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