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Strada Arco Basso: welcome to the street of the famous Bari orecchiette, in the heart of Bari Vecchia.


Orecchiette baresi bari old villageIn the heart of the old city of Bari there is a street renamed "the street of the ears" or "road of the ears" .

The street in question is officially called Strada Arco Basso , characterized by a small tunnel which, once crossed, leads to the oldest tradition Bari Vecchia , that of the production of the fantastic and highly sought-after Bari Orecchiette .

The orecchiette prepared by housewives in front of people are a real attraction of the historic center of Bari , as well as representing an original cross-section of Apulian daily life. The delicious fresh pasta (then left to dry on wooden benches) can also be purchased from the ladies themselves; In fact, these women, to allow tourists to take home the typical taste of Bari's orecchiette , place the fresh pasta in simple plastic bags so as to allow people to return home with a tasty Apulian "souvenir" .

Bari Orecchiette Street BariBut if you want to taste Bari's orecchiette so much that you can't wait to return home, you should know that there are guided gastronomic tours that will even allow you to prepare the pasta together with the ladies of Bari Vecchia , an experience which will make your walk through the streets of the ancient village and, above all, in Strada Arco Basso .

Orecchiette from Bari to eat in Puglia

Discover Strada Arco Basso

The "via delle orecchiette" is one of the main attractions of old Bari that is absolutely not to be missed. For this reason, with the aim of enriching your curiosity, here are some photos of Strada Arco Basso and the ladies preparing fresh orecchiette ! Every day there are many tourists who flock to this street to discover the origin, aroma and unmistakable taste of Baresi's orecchiette .

Via Strada delle Orecchiette Arco Basso
Street of the Orecchiette Baresi
Ladies prepare orecchiette in old Bari
Orecchiette from Bari in old Bari
Envelopes of Orecchiette Baresi Puglia

Where is Via delle Orecchiette located?

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