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South of Bari

40 photos X 40 places to see.
An emotional guide to Bari!

Discovering the south of Bari!
Some of the many beautiful and evocative places to visit in the southern area.

Let's start immediately from a premise, Puglia (all of it) is a wonderful area for villages , sea, climate , food and hospitality of the people.
But there are areas of this splendid region, in this case the south of Bari , which absolutely deserve your attention if only because the experience lived in these places will leave wonderful memories and sensations within you.

The south of Bari is a very suggestive area where man and nature have created together, and over time, splendid creatures which still continue to shine under the sky of Puglia , such as the characteristic Polignano a Mare or the suggestive village of Monopoli (for to name a few), but there are several places that deserve a stop.

On this page you will see some places in the southernmost area that range between the sea and villages . Let's find out together which places these are, where they are located and how far they are from Bari, the capital of Puglia .

Here are the places not to be missed.

Ideas for exploring the heart of Puglia!

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