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Absolutely worth seeing: Bari's seafront, among the longest and most beautiful in Italy and Europe.


See visit Bari seafrontThe Bari seafront , in addition to being one of the most characteristic places in the city, is also considered among the most beautiful in Italy and among the longest in Europe .

The seafront has its origins around the first half of the 20th century and is made up of a row of cast iron street lamps (197 to be exact) which over the years have become true symbols of this city .

The seafront starts from the surrounding wall of the port of Bari and reaches the famous Pane e Pomodoro city beach , for a length of approximately 3 km. There would then be another area of ​​the seafront which however is slightly off-centre and starts from the area of ​​the famous Fiera del Levante and then ending in a popular neighborhood of Bari further north, also passing by the city's characteristic lighthouse .

Every day there are thousands of tourists and people from Bari who walk along the Bari seafront , some for work, some for jogging, some to enjoy a romantic moment; among these there are also those who simply want to stop to immortalize the beauty of the sea with the shades of its sunsets reflected in the water.

In short, Bari manages to give emotions even just by walking among its characteristic street lamps or breathing the sea ; a historic, beautiful , lively and at the same time relaxing place cannot go unnoticed when you come to Bari .

See visit Bari seafront

Another interesting aspect that is certainly useful to know before walking towards the seafront concerns the fishermen's markets set up respectively on the Sant'Antonio pier and the San Nicola pier ; these are two strategic points on the Bari seafront from where it is possible not only to have an overview of the city's splendid seafront, but even to try the famous Bari- street food raw seafood (called raw seafood from Bari) .

Bari seafront photoIn fact, if you have an unbridled desire to enjoy Bari and its 360-degree seafront, it will certainly also be in your interest to try the flavors offered by the sea.
The people of Bari love eating raw seafood and this practice is normally associated with a beautiful view (the sea) and an "iced" drink as they say in Bari (preferably Peroni, much loved by the people of Bari) .
If this doesn't scare you and you want to try the taste of this very original street food, the advice is to look out at the San Nicola (the old port of Bari) where you will find some friendly fishermen ready to let you taste the freshest catch of the day .

In short, the Bari seafront is an experience that is difficult to forget, we are talking about history, culture, nature and flavours, all incorporated into a setting of sun and scents. Your experience in Bari can only pass through this area, symbol of the city and of Bari;
otherwise it would be very difficult to say that you have "really" seen Bari. Seeing is believing.

Photo of the seafront in Bari Puglia
Margherita Theater seafront in Bari Puglia
Seafront pier in Bari Puglia
Photo of the seafront in Bari Puglia
Photo of the seafront in Bari Puglia
Old Bari from the seafront in Bari Puglia
SUP on the Bari seafront
Bari seafront photo

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