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What to see in Bari and surroundings?

Explore the Terra di Bari even before experiencing it

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What to see and visit in Bari

Bari is worth seeing

Are you thinking of coming to Bari? Get ready to see the most beautiful places in this city! Here's what to see in Bari Una

Areas & Climate

Discover the heart of Puglia, with the Lands of Bari, its borders and the typical climate of Southern La

Bari is to be experienced

What to see and do in Bari? Here are some unusual ideas for experiencing the capital of Puglia at 360° Bari is rich

What to see when visiting Puglia

Puglia is to be discovered

What to see in Puglia? Many beautiful places are right around Bari. Let's discover them together Puglia is a territory

Experiences to do in Bari and surrounding areas

How many days to see Bari?

How many days does it take to visit Bari?

How long does it take to see Bari? Let's find out how many days it takes to explore the capital of Puglia Se

Program of the feast of San Nicola Bari

Saint Nicholas in Bari: the program of the celebration

The program of the three days most awaited by the people of Bari: 7-8-9 May the feast of San Nicola returns. Like every other day

How to make orecchiette from Bari

Orecchiette from Bari, but how are they made?

SPONSORED Everyone wants to taste them, but how do you make Orecchiette Bari style? A tour to discover Baresi's Orecchiette

Transfer from Bari airport to hotel

Transfer to Bari: get quickly from the airport to the city center

SPONSORED Convenience, reliability and time saving: why you could choose a transfer from the airport to the hotel If you are about to

Where they filmed Lolita location scenes

Lolita Lobosco 3: where did they shoot the scenes? Here are some new locations

Between old and new locations of the fiction: let's retrace the key points of Lolita and the new scenes filmed. Torna la

Tulip field Bari Tulipark

A field of tulips on the outskirts of Bari: the Dutch-style corner arrives in spring

Every spring, TuliPark, an expanse of tulips for an experience of flowers and relaxation in typical Dutch style    

What to do in Bari in a few hours

Hit and run mode? 5 things to do if you are passing through Bari

A few hours of idle time in Bari? Here's what you can do before leaving. 5 ideas with good reasons

SpaccaBari artisan nativity scene exhibition

Artisan nativity scenes in the heart of old Bari: at Christmas discover “SpaccaBari”

“SpaccaBari”, the Christmas exhibition of designer nativity scenes in the suggestive Sant'Antonio fort “SpaccaBari” is the exhibition of dedicated artisan nativity scenes

Christmas markets in Puglia Bari

Christmas in Puglia 2023: markets, villages and illuminations between Bari and its surroundings

10 November 2023 The magic of Christmas in Puglia starting from Bari, the city of Santa Claus: live evocative experiences

Why Bari is famous

What is Bari famous for? 9 good reasons and some advice

Why is Bari famous? Here are some reasons that will push you to visit the capital of Puglia. Welcome to

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Things to see in Bari

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Curiosities from the Blog

Bari best climate in Italy

Best climate in Italy 2024: Bari first in the ranking out of 107 cities

26 March 2024 8 hours of sunshine per day and only 74 days of rain per year. Bari has the best climate

Petruzzelli Theater national monument

The Petruzzelli and Piccinni theaters in Bari become "national monuments"

18 March 2024 46 Italian theaters become "national monuments", including the two theaters in Bari. The Commission

Tulip field Bari Tulipark

A field of tulips on the outskirts of Bari: the Dutch-style corner arrives in spring

Every spring, TuliPark, an expanse of tulips for an experience of flowers and relaxation in typical Dutch style    

BTM Bari international tourism fair

On the Puglia-Albania axis at the BTM in Bari: from tourism of numbers to sustainable tourism

01 February 2024 International Tourism Fair: again this year BariExperience alongside Balcando After the success of the 2023 edition

Stuntman show Bari San Nicola stadium

The breathtaking show of Mission Impossible and Fast&Furious stuntmen arrives in Bari

22 January 2024 A movie experience in front of one of the most beautiful stadiums in Europe: the Fast&Furious stuntmen arrive

Bari among the 10 destinations to see in 2024

Bari among the 10 Italian destinations not to be missed in 2024. Here's who says it

11 January 2024 The first report from the Visit Italy Tourism Observatory reveals Bari in the top ten cities to

Santa Claus buried in Bari

The real Santa Claus is buried in Bari. CNN also talks about the city of San

14 December 2023 CNN Travel turns the spotlight on San Nicola, the patron saint of Bari and symbol of the legend

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