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Month: June 2022

Among the splendid beaches of Chapter, Monopoli

Sea, sand and relaxation: discover the free beaches of Chapter, a town near Monopoli. There is a place near Monopoli, in the province of Bari, that once you discover it you will certainly no longer be able to do without. IT'S CHAPTER, a mainly summer resort literally stormed by Bari people and tourists in the periods including […] Find out more

Major musical events: "Battiti Live 2022" starts from Bari

Live music on the Bari seafront! On 17 and 18 June the “Radio Norba Cornetto Battiti Live” starts from Bari. Music lovers? Then you will certainly be ready to attend one of the most anticipated musical events in Puglia, Battiti Live 2022. “Radio Norba Cornetto Battiti Live” is a music festival that hosts every […] Find out more

What to see in Bari Vecchia: 4 streets not to be missed

4 streets that you absolutely must see during a walk through the alleys of Bari Vecchia Bari Vecchia is a labyrinth of alleys that are very easy to get lost in and fall in love with, which is why it is highly recommended to walk through as many streets as possible to remain fascinated by them. This premise is necessary so that you can search […] Find out more

Church of San Martino: the ancient chapel with hidden treasures

A deconsecrated chapel, older than the Basilica of San Nicola: it is the church of San Martino in old Bari. There are areas in old Bari where every stone tells centuries-old stories and events, such as that of the church of San Martino whose place reflects nothing other than the value of the historical heritage of this […] Find out more