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Lolita Lobosco 3: where did they shoot the scenes? Here are some new locations

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Between old and new locations of the fiction: let's retrace the key points of Lolita and the new scenes filmed

The well-known RAI1 drama "The Investigations of Lolita Lobosco" and with it all the curiosity of viewers about the of this very popular television series were filmed .

As with the first two seasons of the fiction, the third was also filmed entirely in Puglia , precisely between Bari and various nearby locations such as Conversano, Monopoli, San Vito (a hamlet of Polignano a Mare) and also Fasano , with panoramic shots also taken by drones and which promptly did not go unnoticed by the TV audience.

Small anecdote: every time Lolita is broadcast on TV, receives peaks of visitors to the site looking for the film's locations. How can you not be satisfied? Here's everything you need to know.

Lolita's house and the Cathedral of San Sabino

Home scene location Lolita Lobosco

Lolita Lobosco 's house is located on the terrace of an ancient building in Piazza dell'Odegitria, as well as the square of the splendid Romanesque cathedral of San Sabino whose characteristic is its imposing bell tower overlooking old Bari .
It is one of the most relevant backgrounds in Lolita , particularly evident in evening dinners on the terrace.

The interiors of the police station on the seafront

Lolita Lobosco Police Headquarters scenes shot and Bari

All meetings with the police commissioner take place inside the Palazzo della Città Metropolitana of Bari , as well as the headquarters of the Art Gallery. The exteriors of the police headquarters, however, can be traced back to those of another building located in the characteristic and beautiful historic center of Monopoli : it is called Palazzo Palmieri and reflects the external facade of the police headquarters, recognizable by its baroque style.

Palazzo Palmieri, the exterior of the police headquarters

Palazzo Palmieri Lolita Lobosco

As anticipated in the previous photo, if the internal part of the police station is set in Bari, precisely inside the Palazzo della Città Metropolitana of Bari , the exteriors of the police station, as well as the entrance with the police cars, are part of Palazzo Palmieri , a Baroque style building located in the heart of the historic center of Monopoli, province of Bari . PS: visit Monopoli because it is really beautiful.

Lolita on the seafront in Bari

Scenes filmed in Lolita along the Bari seafront

The Bari seafront is one of the most characteristic and most present places in the film, shot from right to left, from top to bottom. Every corner of the seafront does not escape the cameras of the drama nor even the protagonist Lolita who often, with her friend or her colleagues, relaxes during her conversations and work discussions. The third season, for example, sees her immediately in a chat on Largo Giannella , i.e. on the roundabout on the Bari seafront.

The place of Lolita's memories: San Vito

San Vito places location Lolita Lobosco

There are several scenes of Lolita as a child , in the company of her father, in the waters of San Vito . San Vito is a hamlet on the outskirts of Polignano a Mare , whose imposing Abbey at the foot of the sea is absolutely recognizable during the fiction. The location is constantly repeated in all seasons, so it is impossible not to remember it or take it into consideration during a trip to the Polignano .

With Leon in the Kursaal Santalucia theater

Kursaal Theater Santa Lucia location

The Kursaal Santalucia Theater is the new entry of the third season. A true Liberty built in 1922 and returned to shine with restoration work. In the fiction Lolita she deepens her acquaintance with Leon within the walls of this theater located on the Bari seafront . A historic structure to be admired from its external architecture (Photo: Ruggiero Di Benedetto).

The very ancient church of San Martino

Church of San Martino Lolita Lobosco 3

Once again Leon surprises Lolita by taking her to a small church "which has been closed for 60 years" . No, it's not just a line from the film but the truth. This church, in fact, despite its authenticity (it was built even before the Basilica of San Nicola) , remained abandoned for 60 years. Yet not even time to restore it which has already become a film set.

Nunzia and Carmela Lobosco's farmhouse

Location Lolita Masseria Trotta Puglia

An enchanting and fascinating place immersed in the Apulian nature ; this is the farmhouse managed in the fiction by Nunzia and Carmela Lobosco, Lolita's mother and sister. In reality it is Masseria Trotta , a suggestive typical Apulian structure immersed among the olive trees of the area and located just 2 km from Fasano .


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