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Quattro suggestive piazze di Bari Vecchia che non vedrai l’ora di visitare.
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You must know that when you are near the splendid historical center of Bari , the famous Bari Vecchia , you absolutely cannot forget to pass through these four historical areas of the oldest town in the city .

These are some squares , certainly among the most important to see , but also among the most suggestive to be able to visit during your walk in the beating heart of the Apulian capital . Those listed are obviously simple suggestions that aim to immerse you as much as possible in those spaces most experienced by Bari (and tourists) and which will allow you, above all, to breathe the value history that Bari Vecchia has preserved over the years in its labyrinth of alleys .

Having made this "long" premise, let's get to the point; So here are some useful tips to get to know these four evocative historic squares of Bari Vecchia , reminding you at the same time that these areas are all close to each other and can be visited on foot in a truly surprising period of time ... let's talk about just half an hour of your time.

Piazza del Ferrarese

It is one of the main entrances to Bari Vecchia , at the corner with one of the busiest streets in the city, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II . Rich in spaces and rooms, it is also the initial part of the famous wall of the ancient village .

Piazza del Ferrarese Bari vecchia

Piazza Mercantile

Built in medieval times, Piazza Mercantile continues to retain a social, political and economic importance. Characterized by the fountain and the column of justice , this square is also the heart of the movida of Bari Vecchia , above all in the evening.

Piazza Mercantile Bari vecchia

Piazza San Nicola

It is one of the most famous squares in the entire city, as well as the main area for accessing the Basilica of the Patron Saint of Bari San Nicola , one of the most famous saints in the world. A statue of St. Nicholas welcomes the entrance to piazza .

Vedere San Nicola Bari Vecchia

Largo Albicocca

Also renamed Piazza degli Innamorati , Largo Apricocca is the "favor" of Bari Vecchia that you cannot miss. A square as small as it is extremely suggestive. In the evening it becomes a show.

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