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Christmas in Puglia 2022: events, markets and illuminations between Bari and the surrounding areas

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November 16, 2022

The magic of Christmas lights up in the Apulian villages. Evocative events and experiences not to be missed


Christmas Christmas events in Puglia 2022is approaching Apulian villages is approaching .

As has been happening for several years now, some places in Bari and its surroundings are preparing to host thousands of people, coming from all over Italy and the world, looking for suggestive places and events in which to spend a pleasant Christmas period . Yes, because if you know Puglia , or even if you know it by word of mouth, you can imagine how exciting it can be to spend Christmas in these parts among wonderful villages, lights, events, markets, Santa Claus villages and much more. If we then add to this a gastronomic experience of typical Apulian Christmas products and desserts , then the game is done.

Having said that, we list below some events that could certainly capture your interest to spend unforgettable Christmas days in the fantastic villages of Bari and its province :

In the sign of Santa Claus - Bari

Bari Puglia Christmas market events

Bari is the city of Santa Claus , and as per tradition it will be Saint Nicholas (6 December ) to inaugurate Christmas in Bari : lighting of the tree, markets on the walls of old Bari, Santa Claus village in the brand new Rossani Park, a vintage market in the Japigia district and various interesting events that will warm the hearts of Bari people and tourists.

"SpaccaBari", the nativity scene exhibition

Spaccabari displays nativity scenes in the Sant'Antonio fort

From 6 December to 6 January it will be possible to admire, inside the Fortino di Sant'Antonio (old Bari) , 50 nativity scenes by master craftsmen from Puglia, Basilicata, Romania and Russia. Another novelty this year will be the setting up of a live nativity scene for every weekend of the Christmas period and, obviously, also for 25 December .

"The Christmas tale" - Locorotondo

Locorotondo (BA) is one of those places that must be seen in Puglia , especially during the Christmas period . The way they decorate the historic center is famous, attracting thousands of people every year and recreating a suggestive and unique atmosphere. Furthermore, this year there is a program of 52 events which can be consulted at the following link:

"Once upon a time there was Christmas" - Polignano a Mare

Polignano a Mare Christmas Puglia

Have you ever tried to visit Polignano a Mare at Christmas ? Well, if you have never done it, this will be the right opportunity. This year the country wants to experience Christmas as it once was; you will walk among soft lights, lanterns, candles, dancers, a fire eater and music that will accompany you along the entire route, to make you experience the oldest concept of Christmas. Here you will find the link to the event program:

Monopoli Christmas Home

Monopoli Christmas Home is the Christmas event in Monopoli (BA), another beautiful location in Puglia. There will be a real Santa Claus castle with sleigh and reindeer, a large Christmas village made up of markets, artisans and typical local products and a beautiful ice skating rink to experience an authentic Christmas in Puglia! All immersed among the typical Apulian lights. Link to the event program:

From the living nativity scene to the nativity scene of light - Alberobello

Living and light nativity scene Alberobello Christmas

Authentic show also expected in the alleys of the wonderful Alberobello . Waiting for you there will be not one, but 2 nativity scenes; one will be a real "living nativity scene" (therefore in flesh and blood) and the other will instead be a "nativity scene of light" , accompanied by a piped voice that will make your walk among the trulli of Alberobello ( Photo source: BariToday).

Saint Nicholas who comes from the sea - Molfetta

Christmas Molfetta Saint Nicholas comes from the sea

Christmas is also rekindling in Molfetta (BA).
“San Nicola che vien dal mare” is back , the initiative that will transform the historic center of Molfetta into an almost magical and timeless place; not only lights, Christmas decorations and typical flavors of the area, but also the House of Santa Claus and even the House of the Elves , to recreate the most typical Christmas atmosphere, warm and festive. Pro Loco Molfetta Facebook page :

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