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Apulian ceramics: precious souvenirs for a "kiss" from Puglia

SPONSORED The mouth of “Lolita” in authentic Apulian ceramics: discover beautiful handmade souvenirs An original and fascinating collection of souvenirs that capture the essence of Puglia and its vibrant culture. These are the “Un Bacio dalla Puglia” ceramics, objects handmade in authentic Apulian ceramics so you can go home with a […] Find out more

An Apulian terracotta necklace inspired by the story of Lolita

SPONSORED Your Apulian ceramic souvenir. In the heart of Bari there is the jewel inspired by Lolita. Whether you are Italian or foreign makes no difference, because the jewel you are about to discover on this page will capture your attention even without knowing its history. Yes, because this jewel is inspired by a […] Find out more

Fantastic souvenirs

Souvenirs of Bari and Puglia: some typical objects for a souvenir of your Apulian experience Curious to discover the most beautiful souvenirs of Bari and Puglia? Well, on this page there are suggestions on some of those you might find while wandering around the area. Obviously gadgets could not be missing from these [...] Find out more