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Fiera del Levante, one of the most important fairs since 1930

Tradition, innovation, events and gastronomy: every September the historic Fiera del Levante in Bari Bari is a city that embodies a surprising diversity. On the one hand, the Old City which fascinates with its winding streets, ancient churches, centuries-old traditions handed down over time; on the other, the modern exhibition center linked to the presence of […] Find out more

A trip to Bari? 7 places suggested by #BarbieInTown &

Ideas for a souvenir photo: Barbie in Town and Bari Experience show you 7 places not to be missed! Are you interested in Bari? This is good news, and like all good news, it can only be welcomed with open arms and with lots of sympathy. If you feel like exploring this […] Find out more

6 strategic points where to see the most beautiful sunsets of

Where to see the sunset in Bari? Here are 6 areas that will make you fall in love with the Bari sunsets in Puglia. You don't need to be particularly romantic to think about seeing them, you simply need to want to discover new "horizons", such as those of the Apulian capital . The sunsets offered by Bari are something extraordinarily fascinating thanks […] Find out more

Bourbon Lighthouse: the small lighthouse in the port

The Bourbon Lighthouse welcomes large ships entering and leaving the port of Bari every day. The Bourbon Lighthouse is a small stone lighthouse located on the pier in the oldest area of ​​the Port of Bari, near the cruise terminal. Active since 1887 (and modified in the following years), this small lighthouse […] Find out more

An ice cream under the lighthouse

A sweet entertainment with the sound of the waves and the beauty of the Bari lighthouse. If you love the sea and adore its atmosphere, what's better than a sea at the foot of a lighthouse? The San Cataldo lighthouse is undoubtedly among the most historic and long-lived structures in the city of Bari; built in 1869 on […] Find out more

The historic lighthouse of Bari

Among the tallest and most famous lighthouses in Italy is that of Bari: the San Cataldo Lighthouse dominates the coast. The San Cataldo Lighthouse is undoubtedly among the most historic and long-lived structures in the city of Bari. Built in 1869, the lighthouse is still in full operation today, and with its approximately […] Find out more