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Legends of old Bari: the mystery of the "Turk's Head"

The legend of the Turkish emir who on the night of the Epiphany challenged the spirit of a popular tradition in Bari. Like all places with a thousand-year history, old Bari also hides a legend that will make your skin crawl. Evidence of this is depicted by the sculpture relating to the face of a Saracen, with his turban, placed in […] Find out more

With your nose in the air in Corso Cavour: the architectural styles of

The architectural styles of the buildings in Corso Cavour, one of the most historic streets in the center of Bari. Once in Bari, and especially in the center of Bari, Corso Cavour will almost certainly become one of your obligatory stops. Although Via Sparano represents the shopping and commerce street par excellence in Bari, it is not […] Find out more

Petruzzelli Theatre: a historic theater in Bari

The Petruzzelli Theatre, a journey through history and culture, through the streets of the center of Bari The Petruzzelli theatre, built and inaugurated in the early twentieth century, is one of the most famous and popular Italian theaters as well as being one of the unmistakable symbols of the city of Bari. With its 1,482 seats (fourth theater […] Find out more