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Arrive in Bari by bus

Getting to Bari by bus: why not evaluate offers and low-cost trips? If you are on this page it is because you probably intend to buy a nice ticket to Bari, in this case a bus ticket that will transport you to the capital of the splendid and highly sought after Puglia. The bus is certainly one of the most convenient means of transport […] Find out more

Arrive from Bari Centrale station

The Bari Centrale railway station: where it is located and how to book a train to Bari Bari central station is among the 14 largest railway stations in Italy. Thousands of passengers pass through here every day, as are many tourists who use the railway network to reach Bari. If you are looking [...] Find out more

Ferries to Bari

Reaching Bari by ferry. What are the advantages if you come with a vehicle? There are several reasons that can push you to choose the ferry to reach Bari, however the choice is not that bad, especially if you leave from Durres, Dubrovnik and Bar and decide to take the ferry even a vehicle such as a car, a camper or a […] Find out more

How to get to Bari

How to get to Bari? here are some ideas and useful information for your trip! If you are deciding to come here to Puglia to visit Bari, know that the city has an airport, a train station, a port and a motorway. In short, Bari can be reached by any means, you just have to choose the solution that best suits your case. But […] Find out more