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Saint Nicholas in Bari: the program of the celebration

The program of the three days most awaited by the people of Bari: 7-8-9 May the feast of Saint Nicholas returns. Like every year on 7, 8 and 9 May the city comes alive with an extraordinary celebration in honor of Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of city. The feast of Saint Nicholas, in fact, is a unique event [...] Find out more

Feast of Saint Nicholas in Bari: when is it celebrated?

In the month of May, the most awaited celebration by the people of Bari: the 3-day program for the feast of San Nicola. Make a note of these dates because they will be the days that will remain in your memory the most during your experience in Bari. We are talking about 7-8-9 May , the three most awaited days of the year by people from Bari and beyond [...] Find out more

6 December: Saint Nicholas Day and tradition

The dawn of Saint Nicholas, between celebration and tradition. Discover the party in the alleys of old Bari! Every year, exactly every 6 December, there is a fixed appointment with traditions and celebrations for what is commonly called "St. Nicholas' day". On 6 December, in fact, the Basilica of San Nicola and Bari […] Find out more