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Saint Nicholas in Bari: the program of the celebration

The program of the three days most awaited by the people of Bari: 7-8-9 May the feast of Saint Nicholas returns. Like every year on 7, 8 and 9 May the city comes alive with an extraordinary celebration in honor of Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of city. The feast of Saint Nicholas, in fact, is a unique event [...] Find out more

Feast of Saint Nicholas in Bari: when is it celebrated?

In the month of May, the most awaited celebration by the people of Bari: the 3-day program for the feast of San Nicola. Make a note of these dates because they will be the days that will remain in your memory the most during your experience in Bari. We are talking about 7-8-9 May , the three most awaited days of the year by people from Bari and beyond [...] Find out more

Feast of St. Nicholas

The Saint who unites millions of faithful all over the world: Saint Nicholas, the Patron Saint of Bari Saint Nicholas, to whom the people of Bari are very attached, is the patron saint of the city of Bari. Protector of children, of the city of Amsterdam and also Saint who inspired the origin of the myth Santa Claus; the party […] Find out more