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Bari at night: 9 images to fall in love with the capital of

From the colors of the sunsets to the evening lights, nine photos to show you the magic of Bari's nights If the idea of ​​visiting Bari in the evening fascinates you, then after the images on this page you will be looking forward to living the experience in the Apulian capital . The charm of Bari begins every day and punctually at sunset […] Find out more

Sunniest places in Italy? Bari among the cities with

With 332 hours of sunshine per month, Bari and Puglia confirm a prestigious position in terms of climate. With its 17th place out of 50 Italian cities examined, Bari confirms its privileged position in terms of climate and temperatures thanks to 332 hours of sunshine per month register. It is no coincidence, in fact, [...] Find out more

The best viewpoints to enjoy the Bari seafront

Admiring one of the longest seafronts in Europe: the 5 best viewpoints not to be missed When you arrive in Bari the seafront is one of those places that you can't help but visit. With its dense array of street lamps (197 to be exact) the seafront characterizes the coast of the capital and becomes one of the […] Find out more

Bari experiences

Immerse yourself in unique and engaging experiences, here are some ideas for experiencing Bari, Puglia and the surrounding areas. As already said several times in other sections of BariExperience, Bari is not only a city to see but it is also a place to live! In addition to seeing historical places and monuments that characterize this splendid city of […] Find out more

6 strategic points where to see the most beautiful sunsets of

Where to see the sunset in Bari? Here are 6 areas that will make you fall in love with the Bari sunsets in Puglia. You don't need to be particularly romantic to think about seeing them, you simply need to want to discover new "horizons", such as those of the Apulian capital . The sunsets offered by Bari are something extraordinarily fascinating thanks […] Find out more

In the cove of Polignano a Mare

Wonders of Puglia, Lama Monachile: the beach between the rocks of Polignano a Mare If you are looking for a cove that can represent one of the most beautiful expressions of the typical Apulian natural beauty, then you can only take into consideration this magnificent point, undoubtedly among the most beautiful places to visit at least once […] Find out more

The sunset from the beach of Bari

Sea, sun, relaxation and sunsets: all this from Bari's “Pane e Pomodoro” beach Pane e Pomodoro is the beach in the city of Bari, close to the seafront and a stone's throw from the centre. It is a public beach open to anyone who wants to sunbathe or simply indulge in […] Find out more

Nightlife in Torre Quetta

Music and fun in front of the sea: a trip to Torre Quetta, the public beach south of Bari Torre Quetta is the second beach in the city of Bari after that of Pane e Pomodoro, but it is the first you will think of when in the evening you want to listen to a some music, have a drink and, […] Find out more

An ice cream under the lighthouse

A sweet entertainment with the sound of the waves and the beauty of the Bari lighthouse. If you love the sea and adore its atmosphere, what's better than a sea at the foot of a lighthouse? The San Cataldo lighthouse is undoubtedly among the most historic and long-lived structures in the city of Bari; built in 1869 on […] Find out more

Between sea and nightlife: Torre Quetta

Sun, sea, sunsets and nightlife: the 4 faces of the comfortable Torre Quetta beach. In addition to Pane e Pomodoro there is another beach in the city of Bari. It is Torre Quetta, an area slightly further from the center of Bari but still easy to reach and very popular with young people, families and tourists. Also Torre […] Find out more