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How to go from Bari to Alberobello? Some tips for reaching

How to reach the trulli of Alberobello starting from Bari, some practical advice If you are planning a visit to Bari, the capital of the splendid Puglia region, you cannot miss the opportunity to explore one of the most fascinating and unique gems in the world: Alberobello. This town, with a magical and enchanting atmosphere, is famous for its trulli, that is for […] Find out more

Valle d'Itria Tourist Card, the pass to immerse yourself in heritage

05 July 2023 From trulli to hidden treasures: with the “Valle d'Itria Tourist Card” you explore a world of culture and beauty Discover the Itria Valley like never before with the “Valle d'Itria Tourist Card – Art Experience” !From 5 July, tourists who visit the valley of the trulli will have an innovative pass available to […] Find out more

7 places to visit for a long weekend in Puglia

Here is a very interesting itinerary that you can do during your 4 days in Puglia. Are you thinking of spending 4 days in Puglia and want to understand which places you can visit? You are on the right page! You will soon discover what you need, but first of all we need to make a premise. Puglia, all of it, is a […] Find out more

6 things to do to experience the Christmas atmosphere in Puglia

Places and traditions not to be missed to experience an authentic Apulian Christmas atmosphere! Who said that to best experience the Christmas atmosphere you have to go to Lapland? Of course, how can you not want a place like this when the Christmas period arrives... but don't worry because if the desire to live a unique and evocative Christmas experience [...] Find out more

Between sea and land of Puglia: 12 unusual experiential tours

ATTENTION: READ HERE BEFORE CONTINUING. The tours recommended on this site are not organized by BariExperience, in addition to promoting the area, also offers visibility to activities/experiences organized by third parties and already present on the web. The user is invited to check the quality of the tours and the accuracy of the information directly on the sites, links and […] Find out more

Bari and surroundings in 5 days

Do you have almost a week to visit Bari and its surroundings? Here's what you could see in 5 days Some tips for spending 5 unforgettable days in Bari and in the beating heart of Puglia If you are looking for some tips on what to see in Bari and the surrounding area during your five-day trip then you are consulting the […] Discover moreover

The symbols of Puglia arrive on the jars of Nutella

19 September 2020 For Nutella lovers, a limited edition will enhance some treasures of Puglia A tasty gift for those, like myself, who love Nutella and Puglia. Ferrero, with the aim of celebrating the main attractions of our country , starting from next October 12th, will bring to the market a Limited Edition called “Ti […] Find out more

Love for Puglia: the Beckham family returns there for

21 July 2020 The Beckhams once again choose Puglia as a destination for their summer holidays. It is always difficult to forget Puglia, especially in summer, and to confirm this there is the Beckham family who, despite the long distance between them and Puglia, apparently never misses an opportunity to return there... and we [...] Find out more