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40 photos X 40 places to see.
An emotional guide to Bari!


Are you thinking of coming to Bari?
Get ready to see the most beautiful places in this city!
Here's what to see in Bari

A fascinating city awaits you with open arms, to capture your heart and enchant you with its timeless beauty with unique and incredibly evocative places and monuments

Beautiful places to see in the sunlight , others to discover and which certainly cannot go unnoticed during your stay in Bari.
If you have to start your Bari experience you can only admire in advance everything there is to visit in this splendid seaside city which, we remember, is also the capital of Puglia , a land rich in walls and fortresses , churches, cathedrals and authentic traditions that permeate every corner.

Intrigued? So let's get to the point: here are some suggestions on the most beautiful places to see in Bari and some tips for fully experiencing the traditions of Bari.

These are some of the main attractions that you can see once you arrive in Bari .
The advice is to absolutely not miss the ancient village of the city, the famous Bari Vecchia , and then start exploring the individual monuments and the characteristic seafront of Bari.

If you want some suggestions on hypothetical itineraries to follow to see Bari you can refer to some advice in this blog:

If you then go against the grain and want to live your experience in Bari in an unusual way, here are some ideas for seeing Bari that could stimulate your creativity and make your experience in the city :

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