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Month: August 2020

The suspension bridge: the North-South axis of Bari

Ponte Adriatico: the cable-stayed bridge, among the most important in southern Italy, with a tower that lights up in the evening. 626 meters long and a 78 meter high tower; these are some of the numbers of the Adriatic Bridge in Bari, inaugurated in December 2016 and which has become not only one of the most important civil works [...] Find out more

Boom in bookings in Bari: everything is sold these days

18 August 2020 Everyone wants to see Bari: Ferragosto sold out for the capital of Puglia. It has been known for some time that tourism in Bari was growing, but that Ferragosto 2020 would have brought so many tourists to the city, especially in the times of Covid, Few people surely expected this. Different […] Find out more

6 places to eat excellent fried panzerotti from Bari

Where to eat the traditional fried panzerotto in Bari? Here are 6 tips that will make your mouth water. Have you arrived in Bari and are wondering where to eat the delicious fried panzerotto from Bari? Then you are in the right place at the right time. Fried panzerotto is, together with focaccia, among the typical street food products [...] Find out more

Sea, food and history: Bari dominates the scene in Puglia

10 August 2020 The approval rating of Puglia and especially of the Apulian capital rises: Bari loved by foreigners. The data provided by the Regional Tourism Observatory in Puglia for the 2019/2020 period confirm a positive trend regarding the number of presences in Puglia with focus particular on the city of Bari. In fact, Bari comes first in terms of number […] Find out more

Tourist map of Bari

Tourist map of Bari If you are on this page it is because you are most likely looking for a map, or better yet, a tourist map of Bari to discover all the monuments and attractions you can visit. Well, you are in the right place as this map will not only allow you to discover the points of […] Find out more

Bari experiences

Immerse yourself in unique and engaging experiences, here are some ideas for experiencing Bari, Puglia and the surrounding areas. As already said several times in other sections of BariExperience, Bari is not only a city to see but it is also a place to live! In addition to seeing historical places and monuments that characterize this splendid city of […] Find out more

6 strategic points where to see the most beautiful sunsets of

Where to see the sunset in Bari? Here are 6 areas that will make you fall in love with the Bari sunsets in Puglia. You don't need to be particularly romantic to think about seeing them, you simply need to want to discover new "horizons", such as those of the Apulian capital . The sunsets offered by Bari are something extraordinarily fascinating thanks […] Find out more

Italian Capital of Culture 2022: Bari in the list of cities

2 August 2020 Bari is also on the list of candidate cities for the award of the title of Capital of Culture in Italy. Historic places, museums, theatres, churches and gastronomy; These are some of the values ​​that allow a city like Bari to have all it takes to enter the list of candidate cities [...] Find out more

The sea and the mussel rocks

For lovers of rocks, why not suggest Mussels? A small town near Bari Who knows how many of you prefer rocks to sand, partly because you find the sand annoying, partly because you would probably like to avoid particularly crowded places with the risk of seeing your beach towel literally buried in the sand. Well, […] Find out more