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August 10, 2020

The approval rating of Puglia is rising and especially of the Apulian capital: Bari, loved by foreigners


What to see in Bari PugliaThe data provided by the Regional Tourism Observatory in Puglia for the 2019/2020 period confirm a positive trend regarding the number of presences in Puglia with particular focus on the city of Bari .

Bari is first in terms of number of arrivals (477,500 tourists ) and second in terms of attendance (934 thousand travellers ).

several areas of the province of Bari such as Monopoli , Polignano a Mare and Alberobello could not be missing from the list of the most popular and visited locations in Puglia , accounting for around 28% of the total arrivals in the region.

But what makes these data even more special are the numbers of foreigners; according to statistics, Germany is the region with the most overnight stays, followed by France, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, also thanks to the connections offered by Bari airport .

To find out all the Observatory numbers and the details of the news, we recommend consulting the source of the information.

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