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Month: April 2022

Most beautiful places to see in Italy? 8 reasons why

Most beautiful cities to visit? 8 good reasons to visit Bari, among the most beautiful Italian cities to see If you are reading this page it is probably because you have suddenly developed a desire to travel that pushes you to search online for places , especially the most beautiful cities […] Find out more

Vertical Urban Tour: in May an inflatable village on the

A weekend full of fun and entertainment: in May the inflatables arrive on Largo Giannella. Make a note of these dates, 14 and 15 May, because Largo Giannella (the central square on the Bari seafront) will become a beautiful village of colours, inflatables, food and shows, and all this just a stone's throw from the sea. It's called Vertical […] Find out more

Feast of Saint Nicholas in Bari: when is it celebrated?

In the month of May, the most awaited celebration by the people of Bari: the 3-day program for the feast of San Nicola. Make a note of these dates because they will be the days that will remain in your memory the most during your experience in Bari. We are talking about 7-8-9 May , the three most awaited days of the year by people from Bari and beyond [...] Find out more

Gucci chooses Puglia: fashion show in Castel del in May

Gucci haute couture will show in Castel del Monte for the new men's and women's collection When past and present, or history and fashion, intersect, unique and particularly attractive combinations are born. This is the case of the choice of a well-known high fashion brand, Gucci, to present its new men's and women's collection in a place [...] Find out more

Passionate about Street Art? From 9 April Banksy at the Theatre

40 works by Banksy in a suggestive location, the Theater built on the sea of ​​Bari Bari is increasingly a city that loves Street Art, the street art adopted for the valorization of buildings, walls and public areas of small and large cities and which , especially in recent years, has exploded with its […] Find out more

Sunniest places in Italy? Bari among the cities with

With 332 hours of sunshine per month, Bari and Puglia confirm a prestigious position in terms of climate. With its 17th place out of 50 Italian cities examined, Bari confirms its privileged position in terms of climate and temperatures thanks to 332 hours of sunshine per month register. It is no coincidence, in fact, [...] Find out more