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Gucci chooses Puglia: fashion show in Castel del Monte in May

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Gucci haute couture will show in Castel del Monte for the new men's and women's collection


Gucci Castel del Monte Puglia fashion show

When past and present, or history and fashion , intersect, unique and particularly attractive combinations are born.

This is the case of the choice of a well-known high fashion brand, Gucci , to present its new men's and women's collection in an unusual place and very far from the typical catwalks of these events, such as those of the Milan fashion week . This time, in fact, the location that is the protagonist of Gucci is a historical and Apulian site, the beautiful Castel del Monte , located in the Andria area (about an hour from Bari) and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996 .

It will be a fashion show, that of Gucci , at 540 meters above sea level and with an authentic Apulian setting given, in 1240, by the creative genius of Frederick II of Swabia who conceived its position (on a hill) and its characteristic shape (a octagonal) .

The high fashion event will be held on May 16th and will be a way for Gucci the artistic heritage present in Italy and specifically in Puglia ;

a castle which, in addition to attracting the attention of tourists for its architecture, is also the subject, even today, of studies and research regarding its intended use. The ideal atmosphere for a fascinating and unmissable fashion show for lovers of art, fashion and the Gucci .

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