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Month: September 2022

Arco Meraviglia, the romantic legend of the two lovers

Old Bari also has its Romeo and Juliet, but the frame is a graceful stone arch. As already mentioned in other pages of this blog, old Bari is characterized by around fifty arches, each with its own historical reference; in this case the legend linked to the Arco Meraviglia concerns a curious and [...] Find out more

The legend of the Witches' Arch in old Bari

An arch officially without a name, but which in old Bari is known as the Arco delle Masciàre. In old Bari there are around fifty arches whose names take inspiration from their architectural structure, or pay homage to old Bari traditions and legends. However, there is an arch in old Bari that is not officially included in the toponymy [...] Find out more

Legends of old Bari: the mystery of the "Turk's Head"

The legend of the Turkish emir who on the night of the Epiphany challenged the spirit of a popular tradition in Bari. Like all places with a thousand-year history, old Bari also hides a legend that will make your skin crawl. Evidence of this is depicted by the sculpture relating to the face of a Saracen, with his turban, placed in […] Find out more

Site numbers numbers Look at where they visit this blog from A site that is not found by tourists is like a cathedral in the desert. My commitment is to enhance the territory and to do so by pouring all my expertise accumulated over the years in marketing, web and digital strategies. receives thousands of visitors from everywhere […] Find out more

“Real Bodies Experience”, the body exhibition, arrives in Bari

“Real bodies experience”, the experience at the Teatro Margherita to discover real human bodies and organs “Real Bodies” is an international exhibition in which it will be possible to admire real plastinated human bodies and organs, as well as perfectly intact ones. The exhibition of the human body is a unique and very suggestive experience, not only for science lovers, [...] Find out more