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From the Renaissance to today: immerse yourself in the history of the city with the collections of the Civic Museum of Bari vecchia


Museo civico Bari Vecchia Puglia

If you are curious about the history that has characterized Bari from the Renaissance period to today, then you can only consider visiting this interesting museum.

This is the Civic Museum of Bari , an ancient adificio in the heart of the historical center of Bari which still preserves today a precious and rich heritage of artistic and documentaries that testify to the long history of the Apulian capital . It is a real journey into the history and memory of Bari in which it is possible to discover objects and documents ranging from the 16th century to the present day, preserved with the aim of making known events and scenarios of what was the social and economic life of the city.

Visitare Museo Civico Bari Puglia From ancient books on the city history of Bari to newspapers that marked an era, from documents and artifacts dating back to the First World War to Garibaldi's uniforms, then move on to old photos and postcards, medieval casts and nineteenth-century weapons. Obviously the Civic Museum of Bari is not only this, but we leave the rest to the imagination and all the typical curiosity of those who have a great passion for history and, above all, interest in the historical events of one of the largest cities in Italy (the ninth to be precise). The Civic Museum , moreover, is also known for the numerous cultural events , exhibitions and workshops that every year constantly attract both citizens and tourists, all in a typical context of Bari vecchia with the possibility of being able to appreciate, if there was the possibility to do so, the panorama offered by the museum terrace characterized by the evocative roofs of the old city and the majestic bell tower of the Cathedral of San Sabino .

In short, the Civic Museum of Bari could be one of the unmissable stops in the ancient village to better understand the history of this splendid city and the historical moments that have marked the face and mentality of the Apulian capital.
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