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The terrace overlooking the sea

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The entire seafront of Bari from the splendid terrace of the Sant’Antonio pier


Terrazza belvedere lungomare Bari

When you arrive in a seaside city like Bari , your first thought undoubtedly goes to its seafront and looking for an ideal spot to admire all its splendor.

As already mentioned in other articles on this site, the promenade of Bari is one of the longest promenades in Italy and Europe and with its numerous street lamps of cast iron that illuminate the entire coast of the center of Bari (there are 197 to be precise) offers every day, especially at nightfall, a show of lights and colors that only the Apulian capital can give in a similar context. How to enjoy this skyline? There is a terrace, right on the sea, able to answer this question very well; this is the terrace located on the Sant’Antonio pier , one of the oldest structures in the city belonging, to be precise, to the old port.

Belvedere lungomare di Bari sera Here the spectacle of the Bari seafront is guaranteed for two simple reasons; first of all it is a terrace which, despite the moderate height above sea level, still allows you to have a breathtaking view of the Bari skyline , but what is even more important is that the point where this interesting space allows you to see not only the southernmost area (let's take the tower of the provincial building as a reference) but also the northernmost area (old Bari and port of Bari) thus having the opportunity to admire both sides of the promenade with views that are more beautiful than the other.

If you are in the company of your sweetheart, or simply love to dream open, needless to say that in front of you - in addition to the wonderful seafront of Bari - you will find a magnificent horizon accompanied by an amazing sea scent (and perhaps even fish considering the market located under the terrace ) .

In short, the terrace of the Sant'Antonio pier is one of those places not to be missed during your experience in Bari , a strategic viewpoint where you can take a nice souvenir or real photo and your own cover images of your trip to the Apulian capital .

Foto lungomare sera Bari

Where is this viewpoint located?

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